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When I turned on the tv this morning, they said the body-count amounted to 10. By tonight, when I got back home, it had raised to 200, and it doesn' t seem like it wants to stop.

There are no less than 50000 people who have no place to go at the moment, and who knows if they'll ever get their homes back.

Do I sound like a sarcastic and cynical bastard if I thank whatever deity exists that, if it had to happen, at least it has happened now that the weather is a little warmer? because we have had an unusually harsh winter and this could have been so much worse, had it happened then.

Rome is 120 km away from L'Aquila, but we felt the aftershocks anyway, some parts of Rome more than others, but at the time (it was 3 AM) I actually didn't think the epicentre was so far and the quake so strong to be felt in that way.

Then I woke up this morning, turned on the tv, and boy! was I wrong....

A young woman who lived in downtown L'Aquila -the historic centre, the part which has suffered the most damage- said it was like being under the bombs during a war: she was carrying her young kids out of the house and all around her there were beams falling and pieces of walls and ceilings raining on her... I can't wrap my mind around it, it's so....scary?such a small word to express all this fear and shock...

I feel like crying. Like it doesn't make any sense. Maybe because it doesn't.


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